Connecting Audiences to Your Brand

Every compelling story needs the right platform to bring across the message successfully. Through SPHMBO extensive touchpoints in the consumer Out-of-Home journey, advertisers can now reach their audience effectively.

More than 10,000 inventories across these platforms

Digital Screens

Static Sites

Event Space

Islandwide Outdoor Exposure

SPHMBO is the outdoor media arm of SPH Media Limited. It specializes in providing impactful large outdoor LED billboards at some of the most sought after outdoor media locations in the Central Business District and Orchard Road to indoor digital screens in selective shopping malls.

Wide Network, High Visibility

Reach your target audience through our wide variety of digital and static sites.


Discover our extensive network of digital and static sites across the island.


Discover the ideal sites to amplify your advertising message to the right target audience.


Discover exciting ways to unlock interactive opportunities to engage your target audience.

SPHMBO's Effort During COVID-19 Pandemic

Standing in solidarity with the nation during this COVID-19 crisis

APRIL, 2020


Innovative impression for a large audience


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