To celebrate Singapore’s 54th National Day, homegrown beverage brand Yeo’s wanted to create #Yeosome moments that reflect the company’s spirit of bringing in the awesome factor in any occasion.

And what better way to engage Singaporeans from all walks of life, and millennials in particular, than through Singapore’s only outdoor static billboard that is permanently fitted with dynamic animation technology which produces an illuminating effect!

The one-of-a-kind billboard, which is found in Bugis Village and measures 6.3 metres by 6.5 metres, is managed by SPHMBO, the outdoor arm of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH).

Previously just a traditional lightbox, the billboard is now equipped with sequential lighting that allows advertisers to liven up their messages and visuals. Yeo’s is the first brand to utilise the relaunched large-format site.

“As a home grown brand, we want to celebrate Singapore’s 54th year of success and inspire consumers to grab a can of Yeo’s and enjoy a #Yeosome moment. SPHMBO’s large LED-lit billboard delivers additional impact to a strategically-located site with high vehicular and human traffic, to effectively bring across our brand message to all Singaporeans,“ shared Irene Tay, Vice President of Marketing, Yeo’s.

Starring Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Tea, the ad showed the canned drink being carried by red and white balloons, wishing Singapore a Yeosome birthday.

To inject life into the static visual, LED light sources were meticulously laid out and programmed to increase in luminance at a fixed rhythm. It starts by illuminating the word “Yeosome”, followed by the balloons being lit up one by one then finally, lighting up the Singapore skyline.

The strategically positioned billboard was definitely hard to miss by both vehicular and pedestrian traffic travelling along Victoria Street and Rochor Road. Leveraging on the site’s close proximity to popular landmarks such as Bugis Junction, Bugis+ and Bugis MRT station, the campaign targeted millennials on their way to their favourite haunts.

“Deploying Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising in a geographically compact yet population- dense city such as Singapore allows Yeo’s to generate impactful reach to the masses while achieving cost effectiveness. When combined with other channels, OOH acts as a media amplifier as it extends reach and frequency in integrated campaigns that generates positive results.” says Jessica Toh, CEO and Co-Founder, The Media Shop.

Managed by The Media Shop, with the visual created by Bread Butter Bacon, the installation ran every evening in the month of August from 7pm to 12 midnight.